Reading Rhythm, Level 3

Transcription, Odd Meter, Polyrhythms and Implied time
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Required Materials: Standard 4-piece drum kit
  • Description: We will begin with transcription as the final step in building and strengthening your basic literacy. Next, at your own pace, we will explore odd meters, polyrhythms and the effects created by implied time.
  • Skills: You will be able to write your own ideas down. You will develop your ear and vocabulary through transcription. You will deepen your phrasing and creativity. You will develop fluidity performing in odd time signatures. You will understand and utilize time superimposition effects.
  • Target Duration: Weekly
  • Recommended Reading: Beyond Bop Drumming by John Riley, Rhythm and Meter Patterns by Gary Chaffee, Odd Time Reading Text: For All Instruments by Louie Bellson


Interactive, Goal Oriented