Weekly Private Lessons

A Musical Approach

  • Level: All levels
  • Requirements: The only requirement is a desire to learn.
  • Required Materials: Although rudiments and reading can be studied with just sticks and a practice pad, a standard 4 or 5 piece drum set is recommended.
  • Description: Each week, we will meet to discuss goals and check in on progress. I will watch and listen supportively. We will work together to design and write a clear practice plan specific to your level, taste, learning style, strengths and personal goals.
  • Skills: After establishing relaxed, natural technique and posture, so as to avoid developing bad habits, I encourage you to dive into learning through music you love. As it becomes clear how and why rudiments and reading will help achieve your musical goals, we will introduce more in-depth technical study. This ensures that you are motivated by direct application of practice material and that your technique and approach are directed by musicality.
  • Target Duration: Weekly


Interactive, Goal Oriented