History of Jazz Drumming, Part 1

Portrait of Baby Dodds, Ole South, New York, N.Y., ca. Dec. 1946 William P Gottlieb Performing Arts Encyclopedia, Library of Congress
  • Level: Beginner
  • Required Materials: The Evolution of Jazz Drumming a workbook by Danny Gottlieb. A standard 4 piece drum kit and sticks. Optionally, you may take this as a music appreciation course, away from the drum set.
  • Description: You will learn the history of jazz drumming beginning with the invention of the bass drum pedal in 1910, through early jazz and the swing era to the beginnings of bebop in the late 1940s. Each week will be focused on one drummer beginning with Baby Dodds, finishing with Roy Haynes.
  • Skills: You will know the names of the most influential drummers of these eras. You will know their stylistic traits, groups they played with and important recordings. You will have the ability to add unique characteristics of each drummer’s style to your own vocabulary.
  • Target Duration: 16 x 30 minute lessons


Interactive, Goal Oriented