2 On 2 Off

This is a classic timing exercise. A simple hi-hat and snare drum pattern will play for two measures alternating with two measures of silence.

The goal is to play along with the exercise, hold a beat consistently and come out on time after the silent measures. Start with a simple beat. Once you are consistently locking with the pattern, challenge yourself by adding fills and beat variations. You might find that slower tempos are more difficult. Start by finding a comfortable tempo, then challenge yourself by testing your timing outside of your comfort zone.

If a fill or beat variation causes you to fall off, go back and work it out until you can lock it down consistently. This will greatly improve your time and freedom.

If you need practice at tempos faster than 120 BPM, use the slower tracks and play “double time” or twice as fast over them. This will encourage you to relax and feel the greater, slower pulse while you play at fast tempos.

2 On 2 Off


65 BPM

70 BPM

75 BPM

80 BPM

85 BPM

90 BPM

95 BPM

100 BPM

105 BPM

110 BPM

115 BPM

120 BPM

Interactive, Goal Oriented